Thacher Park / by Benjamin Brizzell

The area where I live in Upstate NY has so many wonderfully photogenic parks, trails, and nature preserves that I wanted to share with you some of my favorite spots.  Being based in the Town of Colonie, NY, I am close to the cities of Albany, Schenectady, Troy, and Saratoga.  You can venture not too far at all from the cities and find some lovely landscapes such as lakes and mountains, or you can simply enjoy the beauty and architecture of the cities and towns themselves.  As you can tell, I am very excited to share with you some of my favorite places I have had the privilege of photographing in the Capital Region.

John Boyd Thacher State Park

Located at 1 Hales Cave Road, Voorheesville, NY 12186, Thacher Park is an awesome place if you are looking to photograph some EPIC views of the areas surrounding the Capital Region.  I'm talking about how you can see the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondacks located further upstate from the Overlook at the Park.  It's that amazing.

Thacher Park is located on the Helderberg Escarpment, one of the best fossil-bearing formations in the United States.  There are several trails at the park as well so it's a lot more than just a place to get a pretty view.  The Indian Ladder trail, named after the Mohawk Iroquois Indians who used the trail to reach trading posts, is a favorite as it winds along the edge of the escarpment complete with staircases so you can reach the lower levels and walk beneath waterfalls!  So cool!

A great time to visit Thacher Park is at sunset.  On a good night with some interesting clouds, you can really capture some magnificent images.  The image below was shot near the Overlook parking lot.  They even have coin-operated binoculars for you to really get a zoomed in view of the surrounding beauty.

If you are interested in wildlife photography at all, there are over 170 species of birds to be seen in the park, including a variety of hawk species, eagles, ravens, and red-winged black birds.  I have yet to capture any of those (with my camera that is), but when I do, I'll certainly post about it!

Thank you for reading!